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Howes Cave


Shale Cut
(24" x 6")

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Cripplebush Valley Models - Shale Cut

When we look at a rock cut, what do we see? If the cut was made recently, or if the rock is very hard and resists weathering well, we may see something very angular, regardless of what the rock itself is made of. The guys who made that cut didnít remove any more rock than they had to, and the resulting surface when they got done is often blocky looking, with only a little trace of the rockís internal structure visible. For places like this, consider our Shale Cut Thereís no doubt that the builders cut through layered rock here, but by and large the original, near-vertical surface of the excavation is intact. Itís perfect for the approach to a tunnel, where the cut gets progressively deeper and steeper as you approach the portal. Farther away, the effects of weathering are more apparent. The cut becomes less steep, as we get to places where the softer beds are weathering away.

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