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Rounded Beds

Cripplebush Valley Models - Desert Sandstone - Rounded Beds
32" x 8"

Sedimentary rocks can vary tremendously in their hardness and resistance to erosion.  Sometimes, exposure to the elements cracks the beds so that they peel off in thin layers.  If you’re looking for that, check out our Shale product line.

But other times, you see places where you can see the individual sedimentary beds, but they’re thicker, and you quickly notice that each bed has been rounded off at the edges by wind, water, or other weathering agents.

You can clearly see the beds in Rounded Beds, but you can also see the rounding effects of wind or water, especially along the top, where the beds gradually fade into the other scenery.  Measuring 32 by 8 inches, Rounded Beds is a big hunk of  distinctive scenery in a single serving.

If you’re modeling those gorgeous red sandstones of the desert southwest, this is the Rubber Rock for you!  But it doesn’t stop there.  Use a little tan colored paint to recreate the badlands that are found throughout the west.  Easterners can use it too—there are lots of  rounded rock outcrops like this throughout middle America, into the Appalachians.


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