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Howes Cave

Santa Fe Canyon
Santa Fe Canyon1
Santa Fe Canyon1 -detail1
Santa Fe Canyon1 -detail2
Santa Fe Canyon3
SantaFe3 -detail1
Santa Fe Tunnel

The Santa Fe Canyon series of Rubber Rocks offers the quickest,  most versatile way to model a deep, rocky canyon ever offered to model railroaders.  These three pieces (Santa Fe 1,  Santa Fe 3, and Santa Fe Tunnel) are built so that the pattern of fractures and layers match from piece to piece, so you can easily combine them end to end or top to bottom. 

Santa Fe 1 is our largest rubber rock, and one of our most popular.  Measuring 12 inches high (that’s an 87 foot cliff in HO!) and 30 inches long, it’s literally a ready to run canyon wall. 

Santa Fe 3 is a perfect mate to Santa Fe 1, when you need a longer, lower continuation of the same pattern.  Note that it overlaps almost seamlessly with Santa Fe 1.  Just get out your scissors and cut along the low spots, then match up the pieces in any way that looks good.

Canyons and tunnels often go together, and now we offer a new way to get your tracks through those cliffs that the builders couldn’t remove.  Santa Fe Tunnel continues the bedded appearance of the other Santa Fe Canyon pieces, and includes a bare bedrock tunnel portal.  Rock portals are some of the toughest things to model realistically, but now, we’ve made it easy!

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