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Howes Cave

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Cripplebush Valley Models
264 Saddelmire Hill Road
Sloansville, NY 12160
(518) 868-2218

Howes Cave

Folds: Folds10 Part1

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Approximate Dimensions: Three pieces

Description: (Three pieces). Together, these three make a good choice for modeling the part of the Appalachians known as the "Valley and Ridge Province," extending from Pennsylvania south into Tennessee. All three can be used in almost any orientation, so you can make anticlines or synclines as you see fit. Two of the three pieces depict gentle folds, with only a few degrees of curvature. They can be stacked one over the other, as we've shown here, or independently. These two match one another nicely, and they create a nice forced perspective effect in this photo. The third piece is a much tighter structure, but is still common in folded areas.

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