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Howes Cave

Cripplebush Valley Models - Home of RUBBER ROCKS.

Cripplebush Valley Models
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Cripplebush Valley Models
264 Saddelmire Hill Road
Sloansville, NY 12160
(518) 868-2218

Howes Cave
About Cripplebush Valley Models

Who we are: I'm Gardiner Cross, and Rubber Rocks are my invention. With over 20 years experience in the mining, petroleum, and environmental fields, I have conducted geologic investigations in over 30 states throughout the US, and several Canadian Provinces as well.

Over the years, I've occasionally found small pieces of natural bedrock surfaces that contain so much fine detail that they have the appearance of miniature outcrops. I have collected dozens of samples, hoping to reproduce these intricate textures in plaster.

Reproducing this detail in plaster has proven impossible - the detail is often so fine that the resulting plaster castings are too fragile to stand up to ordinary use. Even casual contact chips pieces loose, leaving the plaster showing underneath. And large plaster castings are heavy and unwieldy: some of these castings would weigh more than 30 pounds! Many pieces would have to be deliberately broken in order to install them on curves or in small areas.

After several years of experimentation, I developed a method for reproducing bedrock surfaces in natural latex rubber. Adapted from the Halloween mask business, the process is labor intensive and time consuming for us, but results in highly realistic castings that can be trimmed to fit any available space, and are flexible enough to bend around curves. For you, they are very quick and easy to use!

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