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Howes Cave


Limestone Bluff

Limestone Bluff
Limestone Bluff
(25" x 9")

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Limestones are sedimentary rocks, but they can behave in some odd ways that often make them distinctive when we see them in outcrop.

For starters, many limestones are hard and break in angular, parallelogram-shaped blocks.  This, combined with the fact that many limestone beds are relatively thick, often gives limestone outcrops a distinctive, blocky look. 

Despite the name, many of our Shale castings can be used to represent limestones as well.  It’s mostly a matter of painting them gray.  Shale 18 is particularly useful for this—it was actually modeled after a limestone bluff near a cement plant.

Limestones can be valuable, and are often quarried or mined for use as crushed stone, or in making cement.  You can model that with Rubber Rocks, too.  Click on our Quarry product line to see some examples.

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