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Blocky Rock 2

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Cripplebush Valley Models - Blocky Rock
16" x 4 "

This is a lower, more oblong Rubber Rock with a little bit more of the  layering that you often see in metamorphic rocks.  It’s perfect for New England scenes, the Canadian Shield, or anywhere else where rock layering is visible but not extreme. 

Measuring 16 by 4 inches, Blocky Rock 2 also works nicely as an active quarry face.  We’ve left a lot of relief on this casting, so you can model an entire “bench” as it’s being readied for mining.  Looking for a quarry wall, but not so tall?  Simply cut it lengthwise, and flip one piece over.  Now you have two long outcrops or benches that you can place end to end.  If you’re looking for a bigger, deeper quarry, check out our Quarry Wall and Quarry 1 pieces.

Or, you can use it as a coal seam in a mine scene!  Thick beds of freshly exposed coal often have a blocky, angular appearance.  Simply spray Blocky Rock 2 with a bit of satin black paint, and you can show everyone where your coal trains come from.

Upside down view:

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